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A Long, Long Way

A Long Long Way

Text description of video

Artist: Rory McLeod

Ex-circus clown and fire-eater, Rory McLeod is a one-man soul band, poet and storyteller, singing his own unique, upbeat dance stories. He travels the far reaches of the globe as a modern-day troubadour using tap shoes, a capella, harmonica, guitar, trombone, spoons, finger cymbals, bandorea, djembe and various percussion instruments!

Songwriter: Mick Thomas

As the frontman for seminal Aussie group Weddings Parties Anything and an established solo artist in his own right, Mick Thomas is renowned as a storyteller. Boasting an ear for rich, warmly weathered folk, he has a knack for nailing the minutiae of Australian life without resorting to cliches.

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