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For Considering Selfs

Considering Selfs

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Performed by: Tracy Harvey

Tracy has worked as an actress, comedian, singer and writer for over 25 years. Best known for her appearances on The Comedy Company, The Gillies Report, The Big Gig and the smash-hit stage show Mum's The Word, she also performed with The Whittle Family in the 1980s, touring nationally and appearing regularly at Melbourne's Last Laugh Theatre Restaurant.

Performed by: Gary Adams

Gary Adams has performed as part of The Whittle Family, Pete Best Beatles & Clip Clop Club. He is known for his interesting blend of skiffle, country & fun-lovin' songs. Gary appeared in the movie Spotswood with Anthony Hopkins, Russell Crowe and Toni Collette. He also excelled as the lead in Mick and Steve Thomas's stage musical, The Tank.

Songwriter: Mick Thomas

As the frontman for seminal Aussie group Weddings Parties Anything and an established solo artist in his own right, Mick Thomas is renowned as a storyteller. Boasting an ear for rich, warmly weathered folk, he has a knack for nailing the minutiae of Australian life without resorting to cliches.

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